Business Model


Long-term international partnerships

From day one, SOLLERS has successfully implemented a partnership-focused strategy to generate synergies by combining key competencies into a single, complex mechanism, enabling the Company to offer great products and services to its customers. The complementary nature of the Companyís partnersí competencies is in direct relation to the value generated by its partnerships. When embarking on a new business partnership, SOLLERS always seeks to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. This helps to make the Companyís business partnerships strong and enduring.

Well-known brands

All brands represented by SOLLERS Group are well-known and respected worldwide.

UAZ is at the forefront of Russian SUV manufacturing. The model range includes traditional off-road vehicles of well-known domestic brands.

Since its establishment in 1954, SsangYong has grown into a progressive and innovative automaker that creates ground-breaking products at reasonable prices. Its SUV model range has been adapted for Russian market requirements and represents an attractive combination of modern design, reliability and affordability.

Founded in 1916, Isuzu Motors has a long history of vehicle and engine manufacture. The brand has always focused on what it calls "creation without compromise". Today, the company is confidently responding to the challenge of global leadership in light-duty truck building (ISUZU N-series) while maintaining a tradition of excellent quality. ISUZU trucks are well adapted to challenging climates and tough operating conditions, which explains the brandís popularity in Russia.

It is a little known fact that Ford Motor Company first entered the Russian market in 1907, only four years after it was founded in the United States. The company is a legend of world auto manufacture and enjoys exceptional respect among Russian motorists. In 2008, Russia became Fordís fifth-largest market in Europe after posting sales of nearly 176,000 units in 2007. The Ford Focus has been the highest-selling model among foreign brands in Russia for the past five years.

Focus on core value chain elements in large-scale investments

As of the end of 2012, SOLLERSí overall capacity (directly owned or through joint ventures) exceeded 550,000 units per annum, making SOLLERS the second-largest automaker in Russia.

Large-scale investments in the Companyís Far East-based production partnerships will help improve the efficiency of SsangYongís assembly operations and create localisation opportunities.

SOLLERS produces components and engines which are sold to the Groupís subsidiaries as well as to external clients.

Flexible and competitive organisation in Russia

In-depth market knowledge, a unique product line, a strong customer base and financial stability all make SOLLERS an attractive global business partner.

SOLLERSí partners enjoy the benefits of the Companyís expertise in the Russian car market, as well as its logistics, infrastructure and production activities. And its efficient funding mechanisms for investment purposes make the Companyís financial position stable.

With a unique range of products for nearly any transportation purpose, SOLLERS is represented in a broad spectrum of market segments and price classes. This helps improve the Companyís flexibility under diverse market conditions. And new partnerships will enhance SOLLERSí market presence even further.

Large distribution and after-sales network with strong growth potential

SOLLERSí distribution chain encompasses over 120 UAZ dealers and 110 SsangYong dealers. The Companyís distribution network stretches from Kaliningrad in the westernmost part of European Russia to Vladivostok in Russiaís Far East Ė a distance of almost 10,300 km. All dealers and service centres are obliged to meet strict requirements developed by the SOLLERSí sales headquarters to ensure delivery of the very best products and services to customers.