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The Companys strategic priority is to achieve and maintain a strong leadership position in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union in the manufacture and distribution of passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles. The Company continues to follow the fundamental principles of its strategy which are to:

 build sustainable growth through partnerships
 focus on the most dynamic market segments with products made for Russians
 increase the level of locally-produced parts and components to 60%
 implement modern technologies in products and production to maintain the highest quality
 improve the value proposition for clients, partners, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Our fundamental principles - which we also share with our partners - are built around mutual trust, market- and customer-focus, and a corporate culture which awards initiative, creativity and quality in all fields of operations.

The Ford Sollers joint venture, which started operations in October 2011, was the most important milestone of SOLLERS strategy implementation. The JV is expected to become SOLLERS Group largest project in the near future, with a total production capacity of at least 350,000 motor vehicles per year, and offering a wide range of models to the market, including Ford Transit, Ford Explorer, Ford Kuga, Ford Mondeo and Ford Focus III. The plan is to launch new Ford models that will be made in Russia for the first time ever. In addition, its business plan calls for creating an engine-manufacturing and in-house R&D centre which will be integrated into Ford's global network of product development centres, as well as  achieving an average localisation level of at least 60%. 

In line with its growth strategy through partnership, SOLLERS established a joint venture with Mitsui Corporation, Japan, dedicated to the manufacturing of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and, in 2012, SOLLERS launched a joint venture with Mazda Motors Corporation, Japan, to produce CX-5 and the new generation of Mazda6. Both joint ventures are industrial partnerships that will develop their own production facilities in Vladivostok. This implementation will not only provide SOLLERS with the benefit of increased car manufacturing volumes, but will also help it to promote more vigorous localisation of both Japanese brands and the existing model range of SsangYong sports utility vehicles produced in the Far East.