Share Capital

On the date of incorporation Severstal-autos (now SOLLERS) share capital was RUB 275,927,400 divided into 22,074,192 shares with a nominal value of RUB 12.5 each. In 2004-2005 the number of shares was increased to 34,270,159 with a nominal value of RUB 12.5 each.
In the first quarter of 2005 Severstal-autos shares were listed at RTS and MICEX. Starting from April 22, 2005, the share is traded under ticker SVAV.

Currently, the Companys subscribed share capital amounts to RUB 428 million, represented by 34,270,159 ordinary shares at a value of RUB 12.50 each. The Company has the right to allocate an additional 47,804 ordinary shares at a value of RUB 12.50 each. These ordinary shares would carry voting rights in the same proportion as other ordinary shares. At 31 December 2019 were no any treasury shares owned by the Group.

On 23 October 2020 the Board of Directors approved the acquisition of the Companys shares under para. 2 article 72 of Federal Law #208-FZ at 26.12.1995 On Joint Stock Companies in the amount of 1 713 507 shares on the price of RR 267 per share. The buy-back programme was completed on 15 January 2021 when the Group acquired 1 713 499 (4.99997%) of treasury shares total value of RR 457.