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UAZ presents a new version of Profi

The lineup of commercial trucks has been expanded by the addition of a new Ulyanovsk LCV modification with a GVW of 2.5 tonnes, boasting even better usability in urban environments.

No more penalties for entering cities with designated truck areas or for entering the left lane on highwaysthe new modification expands the models bounds of usability by allowing unimpeded movement where commercial vehicles over 2.5 tonnes GVW are prohibited.

Created in response to numerous user requests, the new version has retained all the design advantages of the recently introduced UAZ Profi Polutorka. A widened wheelbase, extended front wheel tread, double-tired rear wheels, upgraded suspension, new steering with damper and ventilated front and rear disc brakes ensure extra load capacity, higher safety and driver comfort, and improved driving characteristics of this LCV.

The vehicle is furnished with a ZMZ Pro 2.7-litre (149.6 hp) gasoline engine. Alternatively, it can also run on a similar gas-gasoline internal combustion engine (143 hp). Both variants are paired with the proven Dymos five-speed manual transmission. The platform accommodates five pallets and allows you to transport 10.5 m3 of cargo.

The basic configuration includes a driver's airbag, ninth generation ABS and EBD systems, steering wheel adjustment for reach and tilt angle, a double passenger sofa with armrest, central lock, immobiliser, electric windows, heated external mirrors, a platform base made of automotive-grade plywood, and rigging to fix the load.

The list of optional equipment includes an ergonomic driver's seat with developed side support, height and lumbar support adjustment, and heating; air conditioning with a cooled glove compartment; heated windshield and passenger seats; compressed gas equipment with a 93 or 100-litre tank.

The UAZ Profi Polutorka with a GVW of 2.5 tonnes will be available only in the highsided version with a standard base and single-row cabin. In addition, a similar modification will also be derived from the Profi 4×4. The warranty is 4 years or 150,000 km mileage, and prices start at RUB 1,040,000 or from RUB 21,100 (ex-VAT) per month under the UAZ Subscription Program.

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