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Sollers Ford launches production of tanker trucks based on Ford Transit

Sollers Ford has launched production of tanker trucks based on Ford Transit. The new vehicle has joined the ranks of other customized special versions and has become the 150th in the line of modifications.

The Ford Transit tanker truck is designed for the transportation and short-term storage of food grade liquids.

The tanker is mounted on an extra-long wheelbase chassis with a total weight of 4,700 kg.

The vehicle is furnished with a 2.2-litre (155 hp) diesel engine with a torque of 385 Nm, a manual 6 speed transmission and rear-wheel drive.

The isothermal tank is designed to carry up to 2,000 litres of food-grade liquid. The inner bulb and the outer casing are made of high-quality stainless steel. The thermal insulation provided by the inner bulb ensures that the temperature of liquids does not change by more than 2 degrees Celsius over 10 hours of storage with a difference of 30 degrees Celsius between the contents and the external temperature. The service platform features a slotted-corrugated flooring with a handrail and a ladder located at the rear end of the tank.

The customer is always at the heart of all our developments, and its important for us that they are satisfied. The Ford Transit tanker truck will be a great business solution for farmers, producers of craft beverages and other businesses operating on a small scale where our vehicles can solve transportation tasks as efficiently as possible, Adil Shirinov, Sollers Ford President and CEO said. The tanker truck has become a significant 150th modification of Ford Transit, and we will continue to develop the line of special versions of our vehicles, he added.
Ford Transit tanker trucks are available for order at any Ford Transit Centre in Russia. Prices start at RUB 3,174,000, depending on the customers preferences.

Ford Transit vehicles are in demand from all kinds of businesses due to their quality, reliability, serviceability and low cost of ownership; the cost of maintenance is one of the lowest in the segment.

Ford Transit production is organised at the Sollers Ford plant in Elabuga using full cycle technology, which allows us to offer Russian buyers modern products, fully customised to the customers needs, adapted to Russian conditions and at competitive prices. The basic line includes an all-metal van, bus, and chassis, and vehicles can be ordered with three base lengths, two roof heights and all types of drive, including all-wheel drive. As things stand today, the range of special vehicles based on Ford Transit includes 150 different modifications of special and social purpose cars, and the lineup continues to expand.

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