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UAZ starts sales of Patriot and Pickup CNG

The brands official price list has been expanded by the addition of UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup bi-fuel modifications capable of running on both gasoline and compressed natural gas.

UAZ has announced the start of sales of the Patriot and Pickup bi-fuel versions on the domestic market. The vehicles are furnished with NGV equipment from world leading designers and manufacturers which guarantees reliability and efficiency, enhanced fuel economy, as well as increased cruising range.

UAZ Patriot and CNG Pickup are equipped with a 2.7-litre ZMZ Pro engine, capable of running on both gasoline and compressed natural gas, and a five-speed manual transmission. Among the most noteworthy of these models specific technical innovations are an electronic control unit and high-pressure regulator with OMWL EVO solenoid valve, EMER VALC470/450/NGV1 fuelling and shutoff valving, EMER Spa lines and hoses, OMWL SL/GEMINI high performance gas injectors, and a Gas Alarm gas leakage sensor.

The new UAZ Patriot is equipped with two 80-litre metal composite compressed gas tanks mounted on the boot floor. The UAZ Pickup has two gas tanks of similar design, with a capacity of 50 litres each, which are installed on the cargo compartment platform at the rear wall of the cabin.

The list of options for both models includes an additional gas leak detector. The list of options for the Pickup includes a third 50-litre gas tank and a special protective cover, which reliably protects the tanks from external influences. All equipment is certified and factory-installed, and customers do not have to worry about obtaining traffic police registrations for it.

The UAZ Patriot can be purchased in one of four versionsClassic, Comfort, Lux, and Lux Premium. Prices start at RUB 1,366,000. The base price of the new modification of the UAZ Pickup (available in Classic, Comfort and Lux Premium versions) is RUB 1,379,000.

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