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UAZ launches Connect system for private customers

The list of optional equipment for Ulyanovsk vehicles has been expanded by the addition of UAZ Connect. This is a proprietary feature, the basic version of which could until recently be fully appreciated only by corporate fleet owners, and which is now being made available to individuals.

Distance is no longer a problem. The UAZ Connect system guarantees full control over a vehicle regardless of how far you are from it. Thanks to built-in telematics, all your vehicle's information is clearly visible on your smartphone screen in real time. A proprietary mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, allows you to receive data from UAZ onboard electronics and control various functions.

UAZ Connect has repeatedly proven its worth to corporate customers, increasing management efficiency and helping to reduce fleet maintenance costs. The system's basic functionality provides the ability to remotely obtain data on the vehicle's technical condition, its location to within one meter, and fuel level, as well as to view its journey history and analyse the driving style of a particular driver.

The new, advanced version of UAZ Connect is focused on individuals, significantly increasing the degree of operational comfort. In addition to all of the above functions, the application allows you to start the engine remotely. The option is currently available for UAZ Patriot and UAZ Pickup models with automatic transmission, which were produced after 1 December 2020 and equipped with basic ERA-GLONASS equipment. In the foreseeable future, the list of compatible vehicles will include those with manual transmission, and the system's functionality will be expanded.

Developed by our partner company, C-Cars, and taking into account the technical characteristics of each model of the Ulyanovsk brand, UAZ Connect is fully integrable into the vehicle's internal systems without the need to tinker with the standard wiring. Two-factor authentication provides comprehensive data protection.

In order to connect a basic package of telematics services, a client only needs to download the UAZ Connect mobile application from Apple Store or Google Play and to go through a simple registration procedure. Those who want to buy an advanced version of UAZ Connect will need to submit a relevant order via the official website or to call the nearest dealership and arrange a time to come in and activate the service (the service costs RUB 12,990). Subscriptions for one, two or three years will cost RUB 3,500, 6,300, and 8,400, respectively.

All buyers of UAZ Connect get six months free usage of the system as a complimentary feature.

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