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Vadim Shvetsov Elected Chairman of the PJSC “SOLLERS” Board of Directors

On June 10, 2019, Vadim Shvetsov was elected to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors by decision of the PJSC “SOLLERS” Board of Directors. He simultaneously vacated the position of the company’s CEO.  To that position Nikolai Sobolev was elected, who previously held the position of Senior Executive Vice President of the PJSC “SOLLERS” CEO.

“SOLLERS Group will soon have to fundamentally transform its business model, from a carmaker to a services and digital vehicular mobility solutions supplier. This is the key strategic goal, and I would like to fully and completely concentrate on issues in the company’s continued development as well as take a look at and launch new initiatives. That is exactly what the type of work the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors presumes,” Vadim Shvetsov stated.  Furthermore, in the words of V. Shvetsov, “Issues of the operational management and efficiency of the group’s existing business trends and assets were always a focus for Nikolai Sobolev.  I have no doubt that he will continue to manage the group’s business as CEO of PJSC “SOLLERS”.

Nikolai Sobolev has worked at SOLLERS since it was founded in 2002. Until 2005, he held the position of Director of Economic Affairs and Finance of “Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant”, LLC, as well as a member of the “Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant”, LLC, Board of Directors (until May 2011). In January 2005, he became the PJSC “SOLLERS” Director of Finance and in May 2009 - the senior executive vice president of PJSC “SOLLERS”.  Currently, Nikolai Sobolev is also the Chairman of the MAZDA SOLLERS Joint Venture board of directors and a member of the Ford Sollers Joint Venture board of directors.
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