Assets and lines of business

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ)

The legendary 80-year history Russian manufacturer of 4×4 SUV and LCV vehicles.

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant produces more than 10 models of UAZ brand and about a hundred of their modifications: Patriot, Profi, Pickup, Hunter and UAZ Classic.

The design capacity of the plant is 110 000 vehicles per year.

Elabuga, the Republic of Tatarstan
Sollers Alabuga

The company specializes in manufacturing and distribution of SOLLERS light commercial vehicles.

The model range includes a multifunctional semi cap vehicle SOLLERS Atlant and a compact cab-over vehicle for intra-city transportation SOLLERS Argo.

The design capacity is 85 000 cars per year.

The plant is a resident of the Special Economic Zone «Alabuga».

Zavolzhye, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
Zavolzhsky Engine Plant (ZMZ)

The manufacturer of petrol engines for SUV and LCV vehicles, as well as automotive components under order of OEMs.

Over 15 mln ZMZ engines have been produced since 1959.

Automotive component production manufactures more than 450 items.

Automotive Industrial Technology

Modern production site located in the Territory of advanced development «Nadezhdinskaya».

Production will be restarted on the new model line in 2023.

The production capacity is 50 000 cars per year.

Ulyanovsk, Zavolzhye
Sollers Engineering

Integrated Engineering Centre, established in 2019.

Specializes in engineering design and research in mechanical engineering.

The company performs complex product design in mechanical engineering, provides services on development of design documentation, production engineering, validation and certification, business planning and raising finance, and performs design and survey work in the field of industrial construction.

SOLLERS Transport Solutions

Operator of rental and subscription services for vehicles.

The company offers comprehensive solutions providing cars for use for any desired period of time with a full range of included services to support operation. The company develops and offers affordable and flexible conditions of car usage by subscription for small, medium, and large businesses, adapting its rates and services to the needs of each customer.


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