First intensive care vans on UAZ Profi platform leave assembly line in Kazakhstan


The new UAZ modification designed for the Kazakh market will be produced at the SaryarkaAvtoProm plant in Kostanay. The first 34 vehicles have already been delivered to the republic’s medical institutions.

These C class ambulances will add to the range of vehicles manufactured on the Kazakh assembly line, which currently includes UAZ Patriot, Hunter, Profi, and classic commercial models. The new ambulance cars are equipped with everything necessary for the transportation, monitoring, and intensive care of critical patients.

Special equipment in the new van includes a multifunctional trolley with removable stretcher, biphasic defibrillator-monitor with built-in printer, portable critical care and anesthesia monitor, mechanical ventilator, and other medical equipment required to provide emergency aid on the way to hospital.

The modular frame with sound and heat insulation features external fiberglass panels reinforced for reliable fixation of equipment, which ensures optimal ergonomics of the cabin for medical personnel. The 2.7 liter (149.6 hp; 235 Nm) ZMZ Pro gasoline engine coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission and connectable four-wheel drive ensure the C class UAZ intensive care van can be used to its full potential even in rough terrains.

“Renewal of the medical vehicle fleet is both important and timely, as the demand for emergency care has increased significantly in the conditions of the pandemic. This replenishment with new UAZ Pro all-wheel drive intensive care vehicles represents a substantial reinforcement for ambulance stations. This model is appearing on our market for the first time. The main distinguishing feature of the new vehicles is their superior off-road ability, thanks to which medics can reach the remotest areas and provide the necessary aid to people in good time. The spacious medical area within the cabin and the modern equipment will allow doctors to provide intensive care on the road,” says Yermek Yeskergenov, General Director of Virazh Group, the official distributor of UAZ automobiles in Kazakhstan.

In 2021, SaryarkaAvtoProm plant in Kostanay plans to start assembling other special vehicles on the UAZ Profi platform, such as tanker trucks for dairy products, bread wagons, fuel tankers, refueling vehicles and fire trucks.

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