Ford Sollers announces the Company’s renaming in Russia


Ford Sollers announces that the Company will be renamed Sollers Ford from October 1, 2020. The renaming decision was made by Ford Sollers JV stockholders - Ford Motor Company and PJSC “SOLLERS”.

“On July 1, 2019 PJSC SOLLERS has acquired the controlling interest (51%) and, as a majority stockholder, concentrated on the development of the operating activities of the company, new sales tools and continuous growth of Ford Transit share on the Russian LCV market. The renaming of the company is the next step in the long-term strategy of the company’s development after its restructuring”, – remarks PJSC SOLLERS general director Nikolay Sobolev.

“Russification of the name is a logical step; we are a company with the production in Russia, fully integrated in Russian economy. Vertical localization of the production, which involves the organization of production chain from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacturing of final components in Russia, was always one of our priorities. Our goal is to double the localization level of the manufacturing in the nearest future and we are seeking to achieve it, - says the President and СЕО Sollers Ford Adil Shirinov. – We shall continue to manufacture high-quality, reliable Ford Transit vehicles in conformance with Ford Motor Company global quality standards”.

Sollers Ford confirms that the renaming of the Company will not affect business processes and clients: all warranty and after-sales service obligations in regard to Ford passenger cars will be fulfilled as normal and in full.  

Ford Transit vehicles are manufactured at Sollers Ford plant in Elabuga using the full cycle technology, which allows to offer modern, up-to-date product, fully customized to the client’s needs and adapted for use in Russian climate, competitively priced, to Russian customers. Basic models line includes panel van, bus and chassis, vehicles offer three options of base length, two options of roof height and all options of drive, including all wheel drive. As of now, the full range of Ford Transit vehicle versions includes 141 modification for special and social needs and it continues to grow.

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