Joint Venture “MAZDA SOLLERS” is moving on to mass engine production and is beginning shipping to Japan


Joint Venture “MAZDA SOLLERS” is launching mass production of Mazda SkyActiv-G engines at its plant in Vladivostok and beginning to ship products to Japan to supply the needs of Mazda Motor Corporation enterprises.

Mazda is implementing the engine production investment project within the boundaries of the Nadezhdinskaya priority development area (PDA). The company has a designed capacity of 50,000 engines a year and specializes in the production of 4-cylinder Mazda SkyActiv-G gasoline engines corresponding to the Euro-5 ecological standard.
Within the preparation for mass production, over the course of several months, equipment installation and startup works were performed at the site and pilot batches of products were produced jointly by Russian and Japanese engineers. The engine quality check was implemented under thorough supervision of the “MAZDA SOLLERS” specialists team and the engineering team of Japanese Mazda Motor Corporation.  

The first engine test batches, in addition to several obligatory tests on the line, were subject to specialized checks in Japan. That included several engine units that were tested until their durability was completely exhausted. All of the pilot batch engines successfully completed the tests and were declared to fully correspond to all of Mazda’s international quality standards. The transition to mass production was completed on time in accordance with the project’s implementation schedule.  
Mazda SkyActiv-G engines have one of the highest engine power and best efficiency indicators on the world market. The Mazda engineers managed to achieve this owing to the use of cutting-edge engine resequencing technology.

Since mass production has been launched, 100% of the volume of engines produced will be exported to Japan to Mazda automobile plants.
Vadim Shvetsov, Chairman of PJSC “SOLLERS” Board of Directors, contributed: “What makes this project unique is that this made Mazda engine production the leading high-technology project in the Far East, fully integrated into the global value chain that the large international company group has created. This is a major breakthrough from the perspective of recognizing the competencies, investment attractiveness, and production competitiveness of our Far East region.”  

The Mazda SkyActiv-G engine production line is comprised by modern engineering and constructive development with a range of front-running technological equipment  – robotized stands and automatically controlled carts (AGV). Such systems as Poka-yoke, the Tool Position System (TPS), and the Lamp Piking system were integrated for standardization of manual operations performed on the line, all of which eliminate the possibility of an operator error occurring in the line equipment, while connections are performed in the engine’s structure, as well as while other operations are being performed that are required for the technological process.

The equipment checks all of the operations performed with the engine. In the case the sequence of at least one operation is disrupted or at least one parameter deviates from the standard, the equipment will stop the process and issue the error information.
Modern dynamic test stands are also installed on the line on which all kinds of operating and extreme engine operation conditions are simulated.
Keep in mind that the new “MAZDA SOLLERS” Joint Venture produces the Mazda family SkyActiv-G engines  – 2 L volume 4-cylinder gasoline engines corresponding to the Euro-5 ecological standard. The maximum engine output is 150 metric horsepower with 6,000 RPM and a fuel expenditure of 6 L/100 km.

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