Olga Naumova Joins SOLLERS Group Management and Heads Up LORUS SCM


7 October 2019 Olga Naumova was appointed CEO of the logistics company LORUS SCM and will now also be managing the investments of Vadim Shvetsov, the majority share-holder of LORUS, in other logistics businesses, including such companies as Pacific Logistic and New Logistic Company.

The job of the new CEO will include the design and implementation of a consolidated development strategy for logistics assets as well as the creation and launch of logistics services based on in-house digital platforms.

“There is huge growth potential in logistics and profitability can be increased significantly through the development of new business models and the creation of digital services to eliminate the existing inefficiencies in supply chains. Olga Naumova not only has a wealth of experience managing logistics in retail, she also has a strategic vision for how to develop logistics as an inte-grated set of innovative solutions,” said Vadim Shvetsov of the new appointment.

As was noted by V.A. Shvetsov, Olga Naumova will be overseeing the development of the logistics business as a partner, as her appointment as CEO of LORUS SCM comes with a stake in the company's share capital.

In order to implement synergies in further development and the creation of digital plat-forms for LORUS SCM and SOLLERS Group, Ms Naumova has also been appointed Deputy CEO of SOLLERS PJSC. In this latter capacity she will be taking part in the development of a new strategy for the group as an integrator of smart mobility services as well as in the launch of new SOLLERS projects in this area.

“Logistics on the scale of the entire Russian Federation is quite an interesting field in and of itself, and the development of a digital logistics business will create opportunities to build a new model for how customers interact with the logistics environment. We've got some pilot pro-jects that will allow us to lead these changes in the future,” Olga Naumova said of her appointment.

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