SOLLERS Announces Production Launch of the New Ford Transit


Ford Sollers Elabuga – a joint venture between SOLLERS PJSC and the Ford Motor Company – has announced the launch of production of the new Ford Transit at the company's plant in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. The first vehicles rolled off the production line and were shipped to customers at official Transit Centers.

The new Ford Transit retains all its advantages, but has received upgraded seats and a new color palette for exterior and interior trim. Modernization of the van’s chassis and door locks have also led to additional strengthening of the vehicle body.

The Ford Transit leads the Russian market among foreign brands in the commercial vehicle segment. From January to August, sales of the model increased by 7% and reached 7,267 vehicles compared to the same period last year. In total, 1,237 vehicles were sold in August.

It should be noted that the Ford Transit has been produced at the Elabuga Plant since April 2015 using full-cycle technology including welding and painting.
The range of basic versions includes an all-metal cargo van, a passenger van, and a chassis cab with all types of transmission. Last year, the range was complemented with a long wheelbase medium roof van, as well as by a front-wheel drive van with maximum permitted weight increased to 3,500 kg, reinforced suspension, and 16-inch wheels. In addition, the range of vehicles for special and social needs based on the Ford Transit is being expanded specially to meet the requirements of public and private customers. Today, there are over 55 such modifications – from school buses to ambulances and mobile marketing vehicles.  
The company also continues to develop vertical localization to support development of the entire manufacturing chain in Russia, from extraction of raw materials to production of finished components. For instance, the supply of bumpers for the Ford Transit was localized this year, with components now made using TathimPlast materials. The supply chain comprises the following petrochemical and automotive companies in the Republic of Tatarstan: Tatneft PJSC – mining, Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC (Nizhnekamsk) – base polymers, TathimPlast LLC (Kazan) – compounds, and Hiton-Plast 2 LLC – bumpers. Thus, the entire manufacturing chain from oil extraction and processing of raw materials to manufacturing of parts and installation in vehicles is 100% localized. The Ford Transit dashboard and door panels are also produced from local raw materials.

Ford Sollers Elabuga LLC is a new joint venture between SOLLERS PJSC and the Ford Motor Company. It produces Ford Transit vehicles using full-cycle technology at its own plant in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone (Elabuga, Republic of Tatarstan). SOLLERS PJSC is the controlling shareholder with a 51% share in authorized capital. The new joint venture officially began operations in July 2019.

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