Sollers Ford launches Telematics service


Sollers Ford launches Telematics service, a cloud platform that allows to drive a car or control a large car fleet using a computer program or a mobile application installed on a smartphone.

Telematics service is a comprehensive digital business solution that allows to analyze the efficiency of using commercial vehicles and to monitor their operations online. Telematics services are a vehicle data system designed to optimize the fleet maintenance costs, to monitor remotely the location of a vehicle and the driver’s style, to receive alerts about the vehicle malfunctions and about the need for it to undergo maintenance, and much more.

The application allows you to save fuel, reduce repair and maintenance costs, improve the accuracy of production planning, control and motivate drivers, and ensure the safety of cargo.

Telematic services get access to the following data on each connected vehicle: fuel level, battery charge, vehicle location, travel route, sensor reports, driver information, fleet efficiency report, and driving style report calculated by the application based on 11 parameters among others. The vehicle data is available at any time.

The application makes it possible to remotely complete diagnostics of vehicle malfunctions both according to a pre-set schedule and at any convenient moment.

The mobile application can be used to start the pre-start heater, this function being also possible in two modes according to a pre-set schedule, or as required.

Telematics is available for vehicles manufactured starting from June 2020 without installation of additional equipment; the vehicles manufactured earlier require retrofitting with an electronic unit safely integrated with Ford Transit systems.

The first 6 months of using the service are absolutely free for the owner from the moment of activation. The user can get acquainted with the system in detail and evaluate all its advantages and effectiveness for business during this period. Thereafter the service will cost from 225 rubles per month according to the chosen rate.

Ford Transit production is organized at the Sollers Ford plant in Elabuga using full cycle technology to offer Russian buyers modern products, fully customized for the buyer, adapted to Russian conditions and at competitive prices. The basic line includes an all-metal van, a bus, and a chassis; the vehicles being available in three base lengths, two roof heights, and all types of drive, including 4x4. The range of specialized vehicle versions based on Ford Transit currently includes 170 different modifications of special and social purpose cars, and the lineup continues to expand.

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