SOLLERS launches a new Centre for Product Development and R&D in the Republic of Tatarstan

07.12.2022 13:20:00

An agreement on the establishment of the SOLLERS Centre for Product Development and R&D on the basis of the Idea Innovative Technopark was signed in the city of Kazan on 7 December.

The document was signed by the General Director of the SOLLERS Centre for Product Development Mikhail Guryanov and the General Director of the Idea Technopark Dias Safin, with the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SOLLERS PJSC Adil Shirinov attending.

The Centre will be opened in 2023 in Kazan at the site of the Idea Technopark. It will focus on creating new modifications and expanding the model range in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment, as well as engineering support for the localisation program for the entire automobile production range, including an engine manufacturing project. Russian and international engineers, as well as graduates from the leading technical and academic institutions of Tatarstan and the Volga Region, will be involved in the work of the Centre.

A separate area of activity of the new Centre will be the development of competencies in the field of electronic architecture for cars and digital control technology for vehicles, including telematics systems, driver assistance systems, an operating system for multimedia devices, and V2X technology. Additionally, the Centre will develop solutions for uniform modules for electric models of light commercial vehicles.

‘The creation of the Centre for Product Development and R&D reflects our drive to build our own engineering and technical competencies in the field of car development and advanced technology in the automotive industry, which is a crucial factor for implementing the strategy of SOLLERS as a leader in the light commercial vehicle market. Our major task is to make the new Centre a focal point for Russian engineers and young professionals starting their careers, as well as a platform for product cooperation with technology partners in Russia and abroad,’ said Adil Shirinov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, SOLLERS PJSC.

‘Idea attracted SOLLERS due to its infrastructure, which embodies, among other things, a distributed cross-industry centre for reverse engineering. Being located on the site of the technopark, SOLLERS’s R&D Centre will have convenient access to the advanced research complex of the Reengineering Centre and its technology partners, which will certainly become a pillar in the implementation of promising developments in the coming years,’ said Dias Safin, General Director, Idea. ‘The technopark has gained positive experience interacting with academic institutions in project activities, which will be an additional help in meeting the challenges SOLLERS faces,’ Safin said.

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