SOLLERS PJSC held a general annual shareholders meeting


SOLLERS PJSC shareholders meeting approved the company’s annual report and financials for the previous year, as well as the company’s Board of directors. The meeting resolved that no dividends shall be paid.

The auditor of the company "Bakertilly Rus", JSC (32 A, Khoroshovskye shosse, Moscow, Russia, 125284, 1027700115409) was chosen at the meeting as well.

The 9 people that joined the SOLLERS PJSC Board of Directors in 2020 included: Irina Alekseevna Devina, Zoya Atatzhanovna Kaika, Olga Valerievna Naumova, Sergei Rudolfovich Smyslov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich Sobolev, Viktor Mikhailovich Khvesenya, Viktor Borisovich Khristenko, Vadim Arkadyevich Shvetsov, and Adil Shamilyevich Shirinov.

The Group's revenue in the reporting period reached RUB 57,839 mln. In 2019, SOLLERS Group earned the net profit of RUB 128 mln. The acquisition of the controlling interest in Ford Sollers JV on July 1, 2019 had a significant impact on the Group’s results. The increase in the revenue also due to Ford Transit sales, the launch of new options based on UAZ models, and the growth in sales of automotive components.

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