UAZ increased production by 16%


41,422 cars were manufactured in Ulyanovsk last year.

Despite the challenging economic situation caused by the pandemic, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant significantly increased the production of vehicles. A total of 41,422 passenger cars and commercial vehicles were manufactured in Ulyanovsk in 2021. The production increased by 16.7% or 6,941 units compared to 2020 performance.

UAZ Patriot showed good results having assembled 15,346 off-road vehicles in 2021 or by 10% more compared to 2020. And a third of the total output were provided with automatic transmission. The production of the UAZ Profi commercial vehicle also significantly increased to 4,996 units or almost doubled compared to 2020.

Significantly increased exports became another good result for UAZ in 2021. 5,703 vehicles were exported including 1,717 units for the far abroad markets and 3,986 for the near abroad markets.

“The previous 2021 year was challenging for everybody worldwide. The difficult economical situation provoked mostly by the ongoing pandemic had a noticeable impact on the business climate, but even in these challenging circumstances UAZ not only managed to prevent the decrease in production, but even increased it”, said UAZ Executive Director Alexey Spirin. “Despite interruptions in semiconductor deliveries we confidently exceeded the level of 40 thousand vehicles and almost caught up with the results of the pre-pandemic 2019. The plant’s production plan for 2022 is aimed at exceeding the past year’s performance in all business aspects”.

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