UAZ Launches Mobile Application for Operations Management


In November, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant launched the test version of the On flow-UAZ mobile application, integrated with the operations management system.

The application allows the user to receive online updates on the status of production systems, to chat with colleagues about production issues and to receive reports on the progress of assembly and delivery of cars, plan implementation and the occurrence of problems.

Currently, the application has been launched as a pilot project to gather feedback from management personnel engaged in operations management. It is already available in three versions: a browser version and versions for IOS and Android systems.

“In addition to sending essential management reports, the application makes it possible to interact with participants in the production process so in the case of an emergency or the need to deal with operational issues, we can react quickly and everyone is kept up-to-date. Eventually the focus of production communication in this application will significantly improve responses to changes in the production process and improve product quality", said Artyom Nikanshin, Director for Information Technology at UAZ LLC.

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