UAZ to Deploy Connected Car Technologies in its Vehicles


The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is beginning a pilot test of vehicles equipped with Connected Car technology. The new system comprises embedded telematics, online services and a mobile app for customers that will allow them to control the new functionality and get information from the various systems of their vehicle.

The project is being implemented by the IT company C-Cars, a partner of SOLLERS specializing in the development and introduction of the Connected Car ecosystem and technologies for automotive manufacturers and manufacturers of special equipment.  The solutions developed by the company reduce motor vehicle operating costs by gathering telematic data from vehicles in real time and using the data for predictive analytics as well as to offer additional online services to meet the requirements of specific clients.

The first UAZ vehicle with the new connectivity features was the UAZ Patriot with automatic transmission that took part in the final section of the endurance rally across Russia from 29 July through 14 August 2019. The connectivity platform and its functionality were being tested at the same time as the final stage of tests of the new UAZ Patriot SUV with automatic transmission.

The new IT solution developed by the C-Cars team fully integrates with the on-board systems of the UAZ vehicle. The mobile application that comes with the system allows the owner to remotely start or shut down the engine, get information about the technical state of the vehicle, its location, the level of fuel in the tank and the driving style of whoever is behind the wheel at that moment in real time.

Telematic data gets uploaded to the ‘Squadron’ cloud platform, which quickly processes the information and makes it ready for use. The platform easily integrates with a broad range of services and content providers, online market places, fleet management systems and data stores. A connected vehicle's data is collected and shared by an ERA-GLONASS telecommunications module that is integrated into the CAN bus of the vehicle.

“Smart services, such as remote access and diagnostics of the vehicle, are going to make UAZ SUVs even more comfortable and safe to drive. In partnership with C-Cars we plan to introduce the new solution not only in our model range for private owners but also for the B2B sector, for example for fleet operators. The functionality of the platform will make it possible to integrate our smart UAZ Profi trucks into various online service ecosystems, transmitting information about the condition of the vehicles to the dealers and allowing fleet operators to manage their vehicles through their own web portal. This will reduce vehicle operating costs, minimize idle time and boost the efficiency of business processes. The new Connected Car platform will operate not only with the new ‘connected’ UAZ vehicles but also make it possible to retrofit older vehicles,” noted the Deputy CEO for Marketing and Sales of UAZ LLC Sergey Travkin.

The plan is for the mass production of connected UAZ vehicles to start in Q4 2019.

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